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PT5 Plus Petrol Treatment With Ethanol Defence (500ml)

Use as preventative maintenance and to sustain peak efficiency of your vehicle. - Now with Ethanol Defence

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For preventative maintenance and peak efficiency


  • Surfactant controls water by breaking down its surface tension in fuel systems - reduces corrosion.
  • Detergent helps clean fuel system, cylinders, injectors, spark plugs and exhaust - removes tar, varnish, gum and carbon.
  • Top Oil lubricates valves, upper cylinder area and moving parts in the fuel system - can restore lost compression.
  • Octane Enhancer enhances burn regardless of fuel octane rating - reduces pinging and detonation.
  • Combustion Modifier smoothes the combustion process - reduces emissions, saves fuel and increases power.

Formulated for use in all petrol engines, leaded, unleaded, carburetted, fuel injected and turbo-charged; 2 stroke or 4 stroke, PT5 is a powerful, technologically advanced additive that can assist with easier starting, reduce unwarranted maintenance, reduce exhaust emissions and lower fuel costs. Australian government validated tests revealed that when PT5 Plus was added to the fuel in a test engine there was a 9% increase in horsepower, a 13% improvement in thermal efficiency and a 13% improvement in fuel economy.

Regular use of PT5 can:

  • Save Money
  • Save Energy
  • Increase Engine Power
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption
  • Clean Spark Plugs
  • Clean and Free Sticky Valves
  • Clean Engine while Driving


Use: 20 mL per 25 L of Fuel

One of my favourite performance products. The difference in economy and performance is incredible. I believe that this is a product that simply pays for it's self many times over. Highly recommended.


Have used PT5 for over 15yrs in all our family vehicles. Great reduction of maintenance and improved economy.


Christmas 2011 I filled my VT Commodoor fully 60 liter tank using V Power shell when I got to Rockhamton car read I only had 36 Km of fuel left in my tank, Christmas 2012 I had my car seviced and had oil and fuel treatment added to my car I again filled my car with 6 letres of V Power Shell fuel and drove to Rockhampton to visit my daughter for christmas and when I got there I had a quarter of a tank of fuel in my petrol tank it was amazing so on a return to Park Ridge Brisbane I would be saving a half a tank of fuel because it has started to clean all my fuel system and make my car run more ecanomicly and is going to save me money in the long run I will keep using Pro-ma products from now on.

Susan QLD

I run this in my motorcycles and lawnmowers and have never had a fuel related issue in 13 years. An absolute must if you are using ethanol blended fuel particularly in motorcycles or small engines of any sort! ( My four wheeled vehicles are all diesels!) I use DT5 for them religiously.

Trevor New Zealand

I Have Used This in my Ford Laser for 24 yrs. This vehicle has fuel injection & I have never had to clean the fuel injectors in that time. With regular Oil changes with Mobil 1 and Pro Ma PT5 I have only replaced spark plugs at every 100,000 Km and the motor has never been worked on and this vehicle has done over 440,000Km. and still going strong. My average Fuel consumption has remained the same in all that time which has been 6.7 litres per 100 Km. I also have done this on my Mazda Metro & it too has done over 260,000 Km. Now I use the diesel fuel additive in my newest Mazda 3 Diesel car. which gives me an average of 5.3 litres per 100 Km which is very close to the government testing figures.

David Wodonga Vic

I've had this car for almost a year ( it's a 2nd hand Commodore wagon) and have been using the MBL8 from the start to protect the engine, but for some reason, kept forgetting to put the PT5 petrol treatment in the back of the car to use when I fill up. 3 weeks ago, I finally began using it, I fill up every week.. At my last fill up, I noticed the the km range estimate gauge has now risen to 840 klms per tank .. it had never risen above 670 before! .. Awesome fuel savings!

Liz Mandurah, WA

Used the pt5 in my BA falcon done a test on it before i put it in i was getting around 12.5 liters per Hundred kms when i put the pt5 in it seemed to not do anything at first but after 1 bottle i started to notice a increase in power after double dosing it for the first bottle then the second aswell when i bought the 3rd bottle before i put it in and my fuel filter block so i changed it then put the pt5 in and i was getting 10 liters per hundred and then it dropped down to 9.4 so i would definatly Recommend the pt5

James Ipswich, Queensland

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