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PT5 Plus Petrol Treatment With Ethanol Defence (208 L)

For preventative maintenance and peak efficiency.

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Formulated for use in unleaded fuel in all petrol engines, carburetted, fuel injected and turbo-charged; 2 stroke or 4 stroke, PT5 is a powerful, technologically advanced additive that can assist with easier starting, reduce unwarranted maintenance, reduce exhaust emissions and save fuel costs.

Ideal for use with ethanol based fuels. Pro-Ma PT5 Plus Concentrated petrol treatment assists in stabilising fuel.

5 Key Features

1. Surfactant controls water by breaking down its surface tension in fuel systems - reduces corrosion.
2. Detergent helps clean fuel system, cylinders, injectors, spark plugs and exhaust - removes tar, varnish, gum and carbon.
3. Top Oil lubricates valves, upper cylinder area and moving parts in the fuel system - can restore lost compression.
4. Octane Enhancer enhances burn regardless of fuel octane rating - reduces pinging and detonation.
5. Combustion Modifier smoothes the combustion process - can reduce emissions, increase power and performance and save fuel.

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