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DT5 Plus Diesel Treatment (12 x 1L)

Extend engine life and reduce downtime.

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A highly concentrated formula that is superior in its ability to help improve performance, clean injectors, reduce fuel consumption, exhaust smoke and sludge and extend fuel filter life.

Ideal for use in common rail, direct injection diesel engines and for bio-diesel fuel. Pro-Ma DT5 Plus Concentrated Diesel Treatment assists in stabalising fuel.

5 Key Features

1. Surfactant controls water- reduces rust, sludge, bacteria and fungi.
2. Detergent helps clean fuel system, pumps, injectors, cylinders and exhaust - removes tar, wax, varnish, gum and carbon.
3. Polybutane Ashless Lubricant lubricates vital components in pumps, injectors and upper engine area - can reduce wear that is associated with low sulphur diesel fuel.
4. Cold Flow improver helps prevent the formation of wax at low and cold ambient temperatures - easier starting.
5. Combustion Modifier smoothes the combustion process - can reduce emissions, increase power and performance and save fuel.


Add 1mL of DT5 to 1 litre of diesel fuel. DT5 will not correct mechanical defects.


12 x 1L
Use: 1mL per 1L of fuel

*Provided a minimum of 15 personal qualifying points is achieved in the current month: Sales Assosiates and Sales Managers will qualify for a further discount of 5% of the B.V. value. Sales Executives will qualify for a further discount of 10% of the B.V. value. Directors will qualify for a further discount of 15% of the B.V. value. Director has the potential to earn a further 5% discount of the B.V. value on personal orders, which will be rebated at month end, provided the Director places orders during the month with a combined Customer Retail value of AU$1,000.00 or more.

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